Obesity Action Coalition Partners With Obesity PPM for Obesity Education Webinars

In January, the Obesity Action Coalition and Obesity PPM launched educational webinars to explain the complexity of obesity and its many causes.

In 2012 and 2013, the initiative will educate people about the impact of obesity via a free series of webinars, articles addressing aspects of Obesity PPM's Twelve Pillars model and social media to encourage dialogue about each event topic. The first live online event was on Jan. 25.

Each webinar will address one of the 12 factors in the Twelve Pillars model and the relationship of each factor to the broader context of obesity. The Twelve Pillars model describes the relationships between individual and population-level factors that impact obesity, which include addiction, nutrition, endocrinology and metabolism, exercise and activity level, workplace and business culture, community and lifestyle planning, and food policy.

Register for the webinars here.